The Berrics

The Berrics

The Berrics, a private skatepark made by pro skaters, Eric Koston & Steve Berra, is so private that members of the skateboard community are unable to skate the facility.  The thought of a an inline skater to even enter the premises would be nearly impossible... until May 4th, 2023.  


rollerblader, Mike Obedoza at the Berrics

Amazon music reached out looking to host an album release party with tiktok star, Benson Boone and had a dilemma with Taco Bell cancelling at the last minute.  Using my skills as an event organizer with First Sundays, I went forth and assembled a team of food vendors that would be able to make ~500 people on the books, happy and full.  

Amazon Music - Benson Boone

Before even embarking on my journey, I did have to set the record straight with the event coordinator that I was an inline skater and that I'd be happy to pass on catering the event, considering the skateboarding versus rollerblading animosity that goes back to dogs versus cats. I was met with open arms and was invited to bring a group of friends to rollerblade the park before and after the event. 

Inline Skating and Banger Tacos at the Berrics

Michael Martinho, Noah Say of Project 35, Alan Armz of Soul Grindz Coffee, and Ryan Northway. 

Through the power of social media, I made a post to tag a food truck that would be able to help me cater and be symbiotic to my Filipino Tacos, Cheesus Christ, a Grilled Cheese truck was the perfect fit.  Along with Soul Grindz Coffee we were able to make this event a Banger! 

 Filipino Tacos at an Amazon Music Event


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