First Sunday: Tustin Skatepark

First Sunday: Tustin Skatepark

I’m not even going to lie, I thought with us putting up all of these tents (4 each) that we were going to get kicked out for not having a permit and bringing in 150-200 people. However, there was another party at the playground that had a ton of 10x10 tents that even though we overtook the skatepark, it all looked natural. It’s kind of what a lot of people do at that park, watch their kids at soccer or softball with a pop-up tent & camping chairs with a cooler of water.

Although the skatepark may seem small, the layout provides a good amount of skate obstacles that kept a good flow regardless of the amount of people. Along with Drailz bringing in new skate obstacles, the large sidewalk provided relief to what may have been an over crowded area.

Another blessed day though, we got to sell the juiciest filipino tacos and even got some of the locals to enjoy chicken adobo in tortilla form. We couldn’t be anymore excited to introduce these people to new flavors, the most amazing filipino tacos that exist.

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Photos: Noah Say | Project Thirty Five

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