• 4 Tacos

  • Burrito

  • Quesadilla

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  • Beef Mechado

    Beef Braised in a Lemony Tomato Soy Sauce

  • Pork Sisig

    Pork marinated in soy sauce with a squeeze of Calamansi

  • Chicken Adobo

    Garlic Chicken Braised In Soy Sauce & Vinegar

  • Smoked Jackfruit Adobo

    Jackfruit marinated in garlic soy sauce with a splash of vinegar.

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Pop Up Schedule

May 20th | 4 - 9 PM
Everywhere Beer
1501 Orangewood Ave

May 24th | 5 - 9 PM
Salty Bear | Bocca x Banger
2948 Randolph Av C 
Costa Mesa

May 29th | 5 - 9 PM
Rad Beer
1301 S Lewis St,

May 31st | 5 - 9 PM
Salty Bear | Bocca x Banger
2948 Randolph Av C 
Costa Mesa

June 1st | 12 - 4PM
Private Event
Costa Mesa

June 2nd | 10 - 2 PM
First Sundays | TBD


SoCal Twist On Filipino Food

Filipino tacos? Chef Mike Obedoza, raised in the City of Carson, a suburb outside of Los Angeles, combines his Filipino heritage with Southern California flavors and delivers them through Banger Tacos. Chef Mike is also a pro rollerblader serving his tacos at skate events at skateparks for the inline and quad skate community.

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  • Lumpia

    Beef, Pork or Veggie

  • Pancit Bihon


  • Drumsticks

    Sweet Chili, Salt and Pepper or Sinigang Flavorings

  • BBQ Skewers

    Pork Skewers glazed with a Filipino marinade

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Apparel that bangs 🧨

  • Mexipino Food Fest | Montebello

    Sharing these filipino fusion flavors to as many people as we could.

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  • Spectrum News

    Filipino Tacos at skateparks for inline and roller skaters?

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  • LA Taco

    LA Tacos covers the Filipino tacos that are served at a different skatepark every First Sunday of the month.

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