Roller Skate Party | Radiant Beer Co

Roller Skate Party | Radiant Beer Co

Was this a dream come true?

A Roller Skate Party at the Anaheim Brewery, Radiant Beer?

Roller Skate Party in Anaheim

I got into the restaurant industry hoping to start a restaurant skatepark.  However, all odds are against these two establishments as the failure rate is pretty freaking high for a restaurant and a skatepark individually.  I always considered how awesome it would be to include a roller rink into the concept, imagining of how cool it would be to integrate good music and skating collectively, loving the shoe wheel concept.  Thinking of how dangerous it would be to have include beer into the mix.  However, these adults were responsible and we helped any skaters that fell.  

April 19th, 2024, almost 20 years later from my initial thought process, I was able to experience this concept without the risk of having to lose the entire establishment with my pop-up Filipino Fusion Food concept, Banger Tacos at Radiant Beer.  

Filipino Fusion Food

Radiant beer, this anaheim brewery, hosted as the venue to the skate groups in orange county from inline skating to roller skating, enjoying my unique filipino flavors, Banger Tacos.  

Roller Skating Party at Radiant Beer

This is only the beginning as we take steps closer towards a skating and restaurant concept.  

Hope to see you soon! 

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