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Rachard Johnson, One trick a day with mike obedoza
Rachard Johnson from one Trick a day
Inline Skating at the Tustin Skatepark
First sunday session at Tustin Skatepark

Okay, I get it… Roller Skating is so much hotter than inline skating at the moment but, as an inline skater being recognized as a roller skater outside of my blading community was a complete cringe fest. This article progressively became awesome with the narrative being directed as if this was some product of Covid, Rachard Johnson’s name being misspelled (remember blading cup?) and the preheader text not being updated.

However, I can’t complain. What began as an event with 3 of my favorite inline skating brand owners, onetrickaday, project thirty five & Drailz, in the LA area, combining our powers to make an amazing skate event every first sunday of the month, is starting to feel like we did something right for the community.

These media outlets were fascinated at the fact that these amazing tacos are made for the skating community, inline & quad (rollerskaters). Even though the article emphasizes roller skating instead of inline skating, I knew she was doing the same thing that Banger Tacos was based upon, making something so new that it has to get dumbed down for our audience to understand.

Filipino food? That is kind of a reach to go to a restaurant that is typically served with a B rating. But, filipino food in a taco while skating sounds a lot more digestable.

Being able to tell my story outside of just the skate community - is an absolute honor.

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