Taco Cart Catering For Kid's Birthday Party

Taco Cart Catering For Kid's Birthday Party

I'm always looking to cater a party, whether it is a birthday, graduation, or even a wedding. In all honesty I just want to find more people outside of the First Sunday Sessions that I can share these delicious tacos with.

Taco Catering near me for Orange County Parties

An inline skating buddy of mine, Carlos Kessel, whom I have known for more than 2 decades, booked me through the site, and after we were clear on expectations through several emails, I was off to LA to cater to his son's birthday party. His son was turning 3 years old.

What I had not realized was that I have not seen Carlos in a while, and digging back into my memory banks, I could not remember Carlos at a First Sunday Session. When I pieced the puzzle together, I realized that Carlos booked me without tasting my tacos! Could this be true? He confirmed that he has never tasted Banger Tacos and was willing to put money down on a deposit and trusted that I would deliver.

Kids Birthday Party Catering Filipino Tacos

After the event, the guests were at a lost of words trying to explain how delicious the tacos were. Carlos was completely satisfied and his guests did not have any complaints.  One of the guest, mansplained me, aggressively explaining to Sarah, that I was to attend an event in Los Feliz a few weeks later, eager to share this new treasure he just discovered to his coworkers.

Taco Catering with Mulitas at Orange County Parties

Mulitas with Beef

I was not worried that Carlos had not tasted my tacos, I was just surprised at the level of trust he had in me, and was absolutely satisfied knowing that I was able to introduce him and the rest of his party to Banger Tacos.  

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